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Abbott’s Slush Fund Scandal

(or How to nullify an opponent and appropriate their voter base)

As Dr No, Tony Abbott, continues his unctious, unfounded and untrue attack on PM Julia Gillard and her involvement, as a lawyer, in the establishment of a union related fund in 1995, the previous actions of Tony himself require investigation.

An article at independentaustrali.net gives details Margo Kingston, journalist (retired), commentator and recent acquirer of a twitter account viz @margokingston1 – has begun asking pertinent questions, and particularly asking the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to provide details of interactions they have had with Tony Abbott back in 1998. Abbott’s association with a group operating under a title such as ‘Australians for Honest Politics’ sits oddly with his subsequent actions. Or does it? The group would seem to have been actively trying/plotting to disenfranchise Pauline Hanson’s ‘One Nation’ with a view to conscripting their followers to the Liberal Party. After all, One Nation was vilifying the same group of people, or a concept, that John Howard had opposed.

I’m not in favour of going back to a White Australia policy. I do believe that if it is – in the eyes of some in the community – that it’s too great, it would be in our immediate-term interest and supporting of social cohesion if it (Asian immigration) were slowed down a little, so the capacity of the community to absorb it was greater. John Winston Howard speaking on ABC Radio PM, 1 August 1988

Even though (under pressure of attaining party leadership) Howard later retracted this statement, he never fully shook off the opprobrium of it, especially after his experiences in New York on 9/11 and similarly in London at the time of the 7/7 bombings. These attitudes would be further highlighted in his handling of the Tampa Affair, one of the most scandalous, dishonest incidents of Howard’s tenure, but also undoubtedly at least partially responsible for his government’s longevity.

Eventually the Liberal National Party was evicted, and Howard was removed, becoming only the second serving PM to lose simultaneously BOTH a general election AND his own seat. Stanley Melbourne Bruce (he of Queensland’s Bruce Highway fame) being the first. When the electors returned a Hung Parliament in 2010 ,

PM Gillard decisively out-negotiated Tony Abbott, convincing the non-aligned members that she had the necessary ‘vision thing’. Since this defeat both Abbott and his COAL-ition (sic) have persisted with the ‘we-was-robbed’ attitude. This continual negativity coupled with an almost total lack of any sort of remotely feasible alternative has done nothing for the demeanour of the country. Meanwhile, despite the supposedly ineffectiveness of the electorally hamstrung Government, the PM has been extraordinarily successful, overseeing the passing 449 Bills (per @AlboMP on 4/12/12) losing ZERO.

Added to this are the Beautiful Set of Numbers BiSON’S, compiled and lovingly tended by blog/tweeter @TheFinnigans it is increasingly bemusing to understand the elector’s attitude to the ALP currently. However, attitudes (via the published Polls) seem to be improving for the ALP. Following the now largely very positive reaction of the world-wide viewing audience (2Million + on @youtube) of the ‘Misogyny Speech’, coupled with the Abott’s inability to substantiate in Parliament, when provided ample opportunity, charges in the AWU matter, the PM has justifyably ended 2012 on VERY positive note.

Abbott has had ‘problems with women’, from Barbara Ramjan to Pauline Hanson to Lisa Wilkinson of the Today Show to PM Julia Gillard, despite what his dutiful wife and daughters have said, (what ELSE were they going to say, pray tell)? Hopefully I will return to the Hanson Slush Fund Scandal in the next and subsequent posts

NB. Abbott’s Slush Fund Scandal – Resources

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11 thoughts on “Otiose Musings

  1. unctuous? or unctious?
    (of a person) Excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily: “anxious to please in an unctuous way”.
    (chiefly of minerals) Having a greasy or soapy feel.
    With Tony, I’d say both.

  2. Another great article to remind us again of the Tosser that is the LOTO. Everyday in many ways we know this, but it is great when put together in a piece. And as always gave me another opportunity to watch the mysogony speech again. Thanks.

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