Abbott’s Antics, And Allsorts

Ever wondered how Abbott occupies his days? There’s

  • Riding
  • Modelling the latest in High-Vis gear
  • Winkling out businesses silly enough to host his ‘Daily Stunt’ Doing a poor-man’s Putin.
  • Running away (several instances)
  • Allowing current polling to intimidate his front bench into policy impotence.
  • Stunting more often than Putin. Do these stunts spook the Parliamentary Shadows Ministers?
  • ANYTHING to take his mind off developing alternate policies.

Infamously Abbott was a Rhodes Scholar (RS) .Normally, a RS is meant to be demonstrate, amongst other things, a superior mental gift. Abbott was a RS but his behaviour, since being out-manoeuvered by the masterful Negotiator, Julia Gillard, has proved he is not so much gifted mentally , as totally MENTAL! Remember the House of Representatives 30 metre Dash? Such a HOOT. Some of our taxes PAY the salaries of these clowns!!

Riding bikes

Endophins (chemically similar to morphine) released by the brain while exercising violently are postulated to mimic the opiates. Which, in layman’s terms, means people who exercise regularly can appear to be endophin dependent. Many compulsive runners declare how ‘they’re dying for a run’?

Abbott (b. 4.11.1957) – has therefore just had his 55th birthday. This means he is nearly four years older than the Prime minister (b. 29.9.1961), younger than your blogger, but far from his prime. Good on him for spending so MUCH time on the bitumen. It leaves him fewer opportunities to develop the alternate policies.that might just justify his election to lead Australia into an uncertain future, both climatic AND economic.

Modelling High Visibility Vests Nearly EVERY day for the last 2 years, Abbott appeared for the cameras (fodder for nightly NEWS from a compliant MSM) DECRYING this or that . Before its introduction on 1 July it was invariably the big bad carbon TAX! With the successful implementation of the carbon price and the over-compensating payments and pensions, poor old High-Vis-Tony has had his MAIN platform obliterated. Very amusingly, figures in a recent Poll had the Carbon Price MORE POPULAR than ABBOTT.

Winkling businesses Undoubtedly, there is someone in Abbott’s Office whose sole task is to ring round all his business mates within cooee. i’m guessing the businesses are pro LNP from habit? It can’t be because of Abbott’s clearly defined alternate policies. The Treasurer Wayne Swan has already tried to lower the Company Tax rate (prevented by business) whereas Abbott’s sole, roughly thought out policy, the exorbitant Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Promise will INCREASE the tax on Companies.

Running away from hard questions Ever noticed how Abbott abruptly terminates Press Conferences HE has called, as soon as he gets what he sees as a rare ‘curly’ question, ie one for which he has no answer, (either he’s ignorant and/or badly briefed)?

And who could forget the ‘shit happens’ comment that preceded the bizarre extended-silence interview, where he avoided saying nothing and instead said something grossly insensitive. It’s both blatant and perplexing, given how very few journalists are sufficiently professional to have ‘done their homework’ and are therefore prepared and capable of posing any searching questions. Most of the members of the MSM are ill-prepared (lazy?) and ‘run with the herd’, preferring ‘cutNpaste’ from media releases and/or their peers.

The many instances where he demonstrated his absolute inability to ‘think on his feet are appalling for an aspirant to High Office. (as the Mark Riley non interview clearly demonstrates) His now infamous interview on the 7.30 Report with Leigh Sales (@leighsales) is telling. Simultaneously he said he had both READ and NOT READ a document (both positions CANNOT BE TRUE) upon which the Sales’ interview was based. Unusually, Leigh required him to answer questions, and forego the usual BS and bluster.

Leigh received much kudos (especially in Social Media – currently over 313k views) for what was, and sadly still is, quite freakishly appropriate methods amongst our generally atrocious MSM. Over on the Today Show (9) Abbott anticipated an interview by his faithful acolyte Karl Stefanovic, but instead got Lisa Wilkinson , whose interview stumped Abbott AGAIN. You would think, after the previous evening’s fiasco, he would have been better prepared. Wilkinson’s interview technique was possibly motivated by solidarity with, or envy of, Leigh Sales

Allowing Polls to intimidate his Shadow Ministry into remaining mute.

In 1034 days Craig Emerson, Minister for Trade and Competitiveness has been ask NO questions by his shadow, Julie Bishop. Similarly Peter Garrett, Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth has been asked one question by his Shadow Christopher Pyne in 2 years. This is appalling ‘dereliction of duty’ from elected representatives. The ONLY respectable Westminster System IN EXISTENCE since Abbott emasculated his front bench, is a Westminster tube-station, London W1B.

Apart from

  • Abbot’s attempted Suspension Of Standing Orders (SSO’s) and Matters of Public Importance (MPI’s),
  • Christopher Pyne and Bronwyn Bishop’s POO’S,
  • Morrison’s BOATS GLORIOUS BOATS (a problem they REFUSE to help DEFUSE as people drown), and
  • assorted other minor players,

Question Time in HoR has degenerated into cheap farce because of the Opposition’s childish antics.


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