No Ashby appeal yet + Abbott’s preemptive email

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People (LNP) ducking questions on possible involvement in the ‘vexatious’ Ashby court case by using the ‘an appeal is in train’ statement or similar are waffling. So far (as of noon Friday 14 December) there is NO appeal. Therefore the excuse is demonstrably specious.

.Abbott et al must be pursued and forced to answer questions of National Importance. Surely plotting to topple a duly Elected Government qualifies as sedition? No one in the MSM, apart from Lenore Taylor, seem capable of objective journalism.

Attempts by Brandis, Hockey, Bishop et al to try and dismiss justifiable questions as ‘hyperventilating’ (big words turn many off) by aggrieved Government spokes people is ludicrous, hypocritical and deliberately used to avoid giving answers. This is especially true in view of the ceaseless and baseless AWU accusations.

On a vital, separate but related issue viz the ‘missing 10 hours because computers were down’ excuse is expertly debunked in a post by blogger @sortius. Social Media (SM) strikes again!

Again the Main Stream Media (MSM) has utterely failed to keep pace with Social Media (SM) and it’s strength in numbers. Legitimate parallels can be drawn to the combined power of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and their approach to processing an immense volume of data. ?The combined power (180k+) of distributed personal computers is much more powerful than any single mainframe. Similarly the combined expertise,observation, resources and research capability of SM is simply awesome!

When Godwin Grech and Utegate first raised email ‘evidence’, i observed the combined talent etc of the Poll Bludger blog completely destroy the so called evidence, within 3 hours.

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