Abbott’s Intentional ILLiteracy



Unusually the 2010 Federal election delivered a hung parliament ie equal numbers in the House of Representatives .

Intense negotiations with the disparate cross-bench saw Julia Gillard triumph, forming Government, becoming Prime Minister and consigning a very disappointed Tony Abbott to the Opposition benches. Harry Jenkins was appointed Speaker.


Time passed

A minority Government has many drawbacks, not the least of which is having to have all members fit and present in the chamber at all times. Against all precedent and tradition, the Liberals would only rarely provide ‘pairs‘, which would have allowed members to be absent on occasion to attend to other Parliamentary business. The Parliamentary Whip was extremely busy.

In an attempt to increase the Government’s numbers, Peter Slipper was seduced from the Liberals and became Speaker. As a result of accepting Government support to attain this position, he reduced the Coalition numbers by one, improved his garb and increased the buffer the Government had by one.


Around Parliament House, Peter certainly had long had a reputation for ‘uniqueness’ . Nothing specific, just ‘quirky’. His demeanour was tolerated by the Liberals/Nationals for many years (and elections). But the tolerance turned to enmity, and gained form and substance on his ascension to the Speaker’s Chair. This change was crucial in a hung Parliament. Abbott could no longer count on possibly toppling the Government in the case of them losing just one vote; eg Craig Thomson. Now he needed two, more than twice as difficult.


James Hunter Ashby was offered a job working for the new Speaker on 5 December 2011. After consulting various people, Ashby accepted the offer on 10 December 2011. At this stage. we can only speculate at what point and with what financial assistance and guidance, plotting commenced to de-robe the Speaker by ruining his reputation.


As a consequence of the court case Speaker Slipper, having had the details of some private but ‘fruity’ text messages revealed, resigns as Speaker, going to the cross-benches as an Independent. Given the background of the players that led to his resignation, it’s hard to see him being terribly sympathetic to the Coalition when voting in the future despite his many years representing them. A pyrrhic victory for all concerned. Current Fast forward to December 11 2012. Ashby’s sexual harassment case was classed as ‘vexatious‘ by Justice Rares and thown out, with court costs, unusually, being to awarded to the defendant Slipper, against Ashby.


Abbott decamped to the UK at or about the time of the court case. When eventually asked by journalists (who had ignored the case up till this point) to explain why he hadn’t commented on what was seen by some as an extremely important case. After trying to deflect attention by accusing the Government of ‘hyperventilating’, Abbott said he hadn’t read the judgement; deliberate illiteracy? If he said he hadn’t read it, he obviously felt he could not be questioned about its findings, especially regarding (according to Rares) the involved, Mal Brough.


Asked why, he said he’d been too busy ‘doing important things for the people of Australia”. Further when asked (words to the effect) what he knew about the lead up to the dismissed court case he said he had ‘No specific knowledge‘!


Some deemed this response ‘weasel words’, I prefer ‘mendacity’.


Tinfoil Hat


Could this happen here? Ashby must have an independent source of funds? Attempted sedition costs REAL money!

Do yourself a Favour Corner

No mistaking this Abbott/K OBrien confrontation, though.


2 thoughts on “Abbott’s Intentional ILLiteracy

  1. Main issues now are as you stated, the real money and where did it come from ? Lawyers and a private Media Manager will be very expensive and still it is moving on
    How deep are the links to the Liberal Party in Australia’s AshbyGate ?? After the massive uproar over HSU, AWU and Slipper/Ashby the Main Stream Media shame themselves with their silence.

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