Abbott’s Appalling Apathy

Justice Rares handed down his judgement on the Ashby matter, an attempted coup in most other non partisan media, classing it as ‘vexatious‘. The intent of the harassment claims (to unseat Slipper and hence the Government) failed, though any attempt to change the Government illegally is extremely serious, no matter which Party is in power.

Abbott knows this ‘in his guts’ and had organised to be on the other side of the world, ‘doing important things for the people of Australia’. Conveniently, it also put him almost beyond questioning on the involvement of Brough and other LNP members and associates, in setting Slipper up.

After almost 2 weeks of hiding overseas, and not reading the judgement, Apathetic Abbott has emerged to parrot the ‘Labor hyperventilating’ and ‘time to move on’ lines once more, neither of which go any way to answering vital questions.

After due consideration of Justice Rares judgement, Queensland Labor MP, Graham Perrett referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police and its Commissioner Tony Negus. The letter claims inter alia the Liberals possibly broke laws that prohibit harming a public official.

Finally it would appear that this saga is going to receive proper scrutiny.

Meanwhile all the other players named by Perrett have mysteriously disappeared. Has anyone seen, let alone heard from Brough, Pyne, Bishop J, Ashby, Doane or McArdle?


The appeal to Fair Work Australia ruse is designed as a delaying tactic, an attempt to deflect questions (under some flavour of a current Appeal) and to muddy the waters further. Ashby never even raised the supposed ‘harassment’ with the staff charged with mediating such matters. He, and others, sought to maximise the damage to Slipper and the Government by rushing off to Court.

Where’s Ashby’s (considerable) money coming from? As Woodward and Bernstein said in their now famous Watergate quote,

Follow the Money‘.

Fun Stuff

  • As of 23/12/2012 the blogger @AshbySlipper has only just finished tweeting the ENTIRE Rares Judgement (1600+ tweets) to @TonyAbbottMHR, to try to ensure he finally reads it! Well done!

One thought on “Abbott’s Appalling Apathy

  1. I don’t know how his supporters could think he’s PM material. At the first whiff of trouble, he’s off, and you can’t see him for dust.

    The PM’s job, one of the most demanding in the country, entails ‘trouble’ and all sorts of dramas on a daily, perhaps hourly, basis. Do they think that if he gets the job he will go into permanent international exile, there to avoid media questions while simultaneously pulling the levers of power from afar?

    And how could anybody in their right mind want this gormless dope rubbing shoulders with world leaders on ‘our’ behalf? What a joke these people are!

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