LEMONs – Liberal’s Endless Mantra Of NO


Video Arcade

Labor’s Ad Pulled by Liberals 2013 Election

What Abbott won’t EVER say on Marriage Equality

If Abbott wins – NO School kids Bonus

Rupert Murdoch & News Ltd do NOT choose OUR Government

Aussie Works – Aussie Rights

Well-Off versus Needy – Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave vs Pensions *

Sedition – Palmer, Brough & Slipper (& Hockey?) – Ashbygate

Penalty Rates – if Abbott wins, you lose

Proof: ‘Medicare Locals will be cut’

Election Morning After – Hilarious

Abbott the Cutter!

If Abbott wins, YOU lose!

If Abbott wins, Australia LOSES!!!





















  • Abbott’s Productivity Lie – it FELL substantially under Howard, stabilised during & post GFC and ROSE under Julia Gillard/Rudd









Industrial Relations




Marriage Equality





DT front page





Odds & Sods



Paid Parental Leave








Recommended Links

      • Richard Carrier, Atheist & Philosopher, Skepticon – A Christian’s Delusion – (just replace references to the ‘Christ’ with ‘Abbott’. Same use of fear)

Lookup table: Who’s Who in Parliament – Government & Opposition – Get to know politicians with Contact details & more.

* Most expert opinion is that the scheme is doomed, even IF sufficient arable land were available and NOT already being used for food production. As seen over recent months (Hottest Summer on Record), trees are prone to burn, releasing ALL the carbon temporarily stored ie an Expensive, NOT Viable, long term plan (more a thought-bubble).

32 thoughts on “Lemons

  1. A Rogues Gallery of Liars, Cheats and Conspirers. Hard to fathom how we in Australia have let it go on for so long, thinking it will go away. But the only solution is to utterly defeat them at the Polls. AFP & State Police are on their side.

  2. For too long Tony Abbott & the LNP have been allowed to bully, bluster and obfuscate parliament, lie about Australia, disrespect our economy and our legally elected government. He has split Australia with his nastiness and mean spiritedness. He, and his syncophantic media backers, have brought scorn on all politicians and government bodies.
    Now we have a record of his words and actions .. and the truth about Tony Abbott and the devious Liberal National Party, so long ignored by the mainstream media, is here to see.

  3. Well presented and a much clearer view of current political farce. I wait for the general media to start presenting a more balanced view,
    reconising the Liberal Party’s wrecking tatics and Tony Abbott’s lies.

  4. Thanks for the coherent list of Liealot’s lies. I have emailed the link to my contacts. Unfortunately most of them are Liars supporters. I know. Go figure. I maust have done something terribly wrong in a previous life.

    Will keep plugging away and will bookmark this site.

  5. Fact: Both the PM and the LOTO are ‘ten pound poms’, he is not “more Australian” than the PM in spite of his many deliberate omissions and assertions by his supporters. Why should it matter – it doesn’t – but is used in the LNP propaganda and iconography of Abbott. By heritage, they are identical, arrived hear by boat as toddlers. This bothers the Liberal Party in WA because they’re very big on ‘blue bloods as party leader’, not the humble son of a newcastle-on-Tyne steelworker.

  6. Crikey, otiose94…… do you realise how long it’s gunna take me to go through every link 😉 ….. thanks a lot 🙄 ….. no, really.. thanks!!! ……. 😆 ….. and do you realise that I realise how much time this must have taken you…… bloody time well spent, imo !!!! Well done.

  7. Voyager, maybe if you read a bit more of the Murdoch press you would understand that it’s hard to look good with the media and the opposition and their shit tsunami. Most people in this country are content to let someone else do it, and have no real interest in politics, so they read the headlines and a line or two and swallow the poison bile spread by the Andrew Bolt/Alan Jones crowd.
    Go and get educated.

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  9. Spin everywhere we look, and we must all try and stay sane and sober throughout the onslaught we’re about to receive.

    But something we should all consider on our way to the election is, “on the international stage, do you want Abbott or Rudd speaking on Australia’s behalf ??”

    Which one projects the best “statesman” like image ?
    Which one is the most “professional”?

    And as you prepare to fill out your ballot slip, just think, “Would I buy a used car from this man/woman?”

    Political cartoons on this lot can be seen here . . . . .




    • We have a used car salesman Parliament in Campbell Newman’s led LNP, a perfect example of what not to have running things. His austerity program is his camouflage to the fact that he has not a clue and being blind to what he is effectively doing, and that is completely demolishing any credibility that Qld had. In Tony Abbott we have another used car salesman, but one that is less savvy than Newman, and even less concerned about the people of Australia. Then we have Kevin Rudd, an upmarket used car salesman, who is already showing signs of a weakness that the Person he ousted, Julia Gillard did not have. Julia Gillard had a heart and a genuine feeling for the people, and a new car salesperson, with guarantees of warranty.
      The other three Newman, Abbott and Rudd, are outstanding in one unified way, and that is their enormous EGO’s. Each has the FIGJAM syndrome, and will do or say whatever is needed to advance their own position in life. Now removing “Noddy” Newman from Toy Town, we are left with “Mr Plod” Rudd, and “Big Ears” Abbott trying to get control of all of our lives.
      Myself I think I will have to opt for “Mr Plod”

  10. It’s so obvious to say no when you have an incompetent government that introduces poor policy after poor policy. I’d be doing the same. Australia’s economy is in decline and I’m worried it may be too late to undo Labor’s damage. Labor have decimated mining investment in Australia and we have nothing left to fill the gap.

  11. A major problem is, people have no knowledge of Australias management (finances, trade, health etc) other than what they read in the papers or see on the news, and both these outlets are manipulated by the agenda of the management/owners. They massage and spin the facts to deceive the consumer

    So then, we watch the individual Pollie when they’re on TV (shudder) and form an opinion of that persons political ability.

    And now, with such limited “ACCURATE” knowledge, people then form opinions which they think is the truth. None of us bloody well know the truth, and only believe what we want to believe.

    If we’re rusted on to the Left, then only Rudd speaks the truth,,, and if rusted on to the Right, then only Abbott speaks the truth.

    I sit on the fence with splinters in my bum. I look left and right in the vague hope of seeing the truth, but it’s all smoke and mirrors, constantly being moved by silky snake oil salesmen.

    All I can say is, thank God for beer.




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