Words – It is asserted (@StepenFry) that the average English word has 5 letters, so “words” is as good a place to start a new blog post as any.

“Otiose94” will be my occasional series of quite random thoughts (in both space & time). Here goes.

MP’s Rorts – Every day sees more & more examples of ‘dodgy’ claims for entitlements by Australian Federal MPs, beginning with the now ex-Speaker Bronwyn Bishop (BB) & THAT over-indulgent luxury helicopter ride to a Party Fundraiser from Melbourne CBD to Geelong, a trip much more easily & cheaply (cost tax-payers $5227) negotiated by many other means (Chauffeured Commonwealth Car?).

This extravagance has now cost BB the Speaker-ship & she looked somewhat less than contrite when she resumed her backbench  seat.

It has cost Prime Minister Abbott as well both because BB was another example of his abysmal record with ‘Captain’s Picks’ & his tardiness (tin-ear) in responding (~3wks) to the impending catastrophe which ensued from the obvious outrage from the public.

It s undeniable that Federal MPs exist in a rarefied atmosphere of Canberra political life where they are ‘available 24/7’ in theory, if not in practice. This voluntary discomfort does not excuse ‘rorting’ the system whenever they can.

It is instructive that BOTH major Parties are now desperately trying to ‘hose-down‘ the furore, because tit-for-tat accusations are MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).

Unfortunately, this was not before ABC Insiders aired a very funny video.

More later.

Acknowledgements: @BBC, @StephenFry, ABC News, @SMH & @rabbitandcoffee


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