Despite inordinate $squillions wasted on the “War on Drugs”, the battle is LOST, has been for decades & is now threatening to overwhelm entire countries eg Mexico and Nicaragua.

Remember, Mexico drug supply problems exist almost entirely because of  insatiable demand from the USA, which is not averse to creative drug politics.

Get over it people!

Prohibition is a dumb idea, espoused by a lethal combination of anti-drug wowsers & those who profit from its illegality. Almost everyone wants to maintain prohibition, but for opposite reasons.

Stop treating the ‘illegal drug problem’ as a legal problem & spend $s saved on treating the ‘Health Problem’.

In any event, misuse of alcohol kills & maims many more people, and it’s LEGAL. Savings alone on Health Expenditure avoided is sufficient reason to adopt this policy, quite apart from the money saved on the (demonstrably futile) “War on Drugs”.


“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Albert Einstein



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