Turnbull & the Spectacles

We’ve all seen him do it! That Malcolm continuously flaps his eye-glasses about dismissively is an affectation.


He’s trying to indicate that we’ve interrupted him while he was engaged in ‘much more important business (that we’re too stupid to understand)’. You know, he’s busy, busy, busy – somewhere between Spycatcher, Ozemail & HiH. He’s sooo busy, he hasn’t even had a chance to fully discard his eye-wear. Anyway, he’ll need then very soon to peruse the latest Cayman Islands Investment Performance Report.


He’s not too busy to regale us with his latest 3000 word MALsplaining effort though, continually (and vainly) trying to convince we plebs of his ‘everyman’ status.


But listen closely & among the grandiloquent verbiage it’s not difficult to hear the blunt instrument of his derision. Yesterday in Question Time, when in the indefensible position of trying to save Stuart Robert from his Chinese misadventures, he reverted to plagiarising Julia Gillard misogyny speech’s “I won’t be lectured to by this man …” line in response to genuine question from Bill Shorten.


The Liberal/National duumvirate have wasted $millions on unsuccessfully attempting to smear unions & successive ALP leaders through their valid association with the Trade Union movement.


But that didn’t stop the PM from using ‘Coward’s Castle’ of Parliament, viciously trying in Question Time to smear the Opposition Leader, against whom there have been NO adverse findings from the Trade Union Royal Commission.

Turnbull continues to luxuriate in being more popular than Abbott in the polls. But simply being ‘not Abbott’ is beginning to pall.

His popularity will be tested when he actually has to DO SOMETHING that hurts a particular group or two. Something other than waving his glasses about wildly (& generally making a spectacle of himself).


One thought on “Turnbull & the Spectacles

  1. Well said! I agree with all you’ve said here. He seems to me to consist of hot air, arrogance and the ability to turn on a dime rather than lose what little popularity he has.

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