Top 20 Non ALP held Marginals

Wonder if @GetUp would be interested?

Electorate Party Margin Member
Indi (VIC) IND 0.3 Ms Cathy McGowan AO, MP
Petrie (QLD) LNP 0.5 Mr Luke Howarth MP
Capricornia (QLD) NAT 0.8 Ms Michelle Landry MP
O’Connor (WA) LIB 0.9 Mr Rick Wilson MP
Chisholm (VIC) LIB 1.6 Ms Julia Banks MP
Kennedy (QLD) KAP 2.2 Hon Bob Katter MP
Banks (NSW) LIB 2.8 Mr David Coleman MP
Page (NSW) NAT 3.1 Mr Kevin Hogan MP
Robertson (NSW) LIB 3.1 Mrs Lucy Wicks MP
Deakin (VIC) LIB 3.2 Hon Michael Sukkar MP
Reid (NSW) LIB 3.3 Hon Craig Laundy MP
Bonner (QLD) LNP 3.7 Mr Ross Vasta MP
Gilmore (NSW) LIB 3.8 Mrs Ann Sudmalis MP
Corangamite (VIC) LIB 3.9 Ms Sarah Henderson MP
La Trobe (VIC) LIB 4 Mr Jason Wood MP
Brisbane (QLD) LNP 4.3 Mr Trevor Evans MP
Forde (QLD) LNP 4.4 Mr Bert van Manen MP
Melbourne (VIC) GRN 5.3 Mr Adam Bandt MP
Dunkley (VIC) LIB 5.6 Mr Chris Crewther MP
Leichhardt (QLD) LNP 5.7 Hon Warren Entsch MP

One thought on “Top 20 Non ALP held Marginals

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