Abbott/Turnbull Government



Wit Oscar Wilde quipped – “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

In less than one Parliamentary Term (< 3 years) the Liberal ‘Family’ has lost SIX viz.

This instability has meant that LNP not only have been  unable to achieve much, they have been barely able to even PROPOSE much  policy.

The only agility this Parliamentary mess have demonstrated is the uncanny knack of being able to leap-frog the carcasses of their fallen brethren.


Attempted Coup Averted

Not that anyone locally would have noticed.

After the most viscous attack on the Speaker of the House of Representatives Peter Slipper, where private messages, never intended to be public, published or publicised, were made public as a result of Ashby’s court proceedings, the Daily Telegraph decided that the accusations were worthy of a blaring front page story.

Outrageously depicting Mr Slipper thus

Peter Slipper – King Rat

this type of coverage would eventually lead to the resignation of the Speaker.

Defending the Speaker, and the principle that all accused are entitled to the ‘Presumption of Innocence, the Prime Minister delivered the extremely powerful ‘Misogyny Speech‘ (2 million + views ).

When Federal Court, ‘threw out sexual harassment claims Mr Ashby levelled against Mr Slipper’, the Daily Telegraph relegated its coverage of the dismissal of the complaint to the nether regions of their paper (p17?). Some even labelled it a planned attack no less.

Justice Stephen Rares Judgement. makes it an imperitive that regulations, like those proposed by Lord Justice Leveson in the UK News International Affair,are warranted.

Peter Slipper Case Dismissed

Some sanity is on

Sedition is defined, inter alia, as ‘ incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government’. Abbott and his not-so-merry band have done nothing BUT ‘incite discontent’.

A reasonable person might well ask, ‘Where are his accusers now’? Sadly Abbott has as usual, made himself extremely unavailable to answer very relevant questions. Unlike the Australian, where the story, unusually, is NOT behind the paywall. You really wonder about the ulterior motives of this increasingly irrelevant rag, and that of its owner, @rupertmurdoch.

The timeline on Abbott’s Office alleged involvement regarding knowledge of Ashby’s sexual harassment claims re the Speaker, has claims of ‘computer outage’ of some ’10 hours’ to explain premature compilation ‘meta-data’ time stamp on press release regarding Ashby.

This outage seems unlikely for Parliament House computers, which are normally very reliable, and/or its email system. Blog by Sortius calls ‘10 hours of Bullshit‘.

The facts can be easily ascertained, in either case, by appropriately authorised personnel, The Coalition, meanwhile, continue to back a totally discredited Brough.

Now even the Liberals viz Senator Sinodinos are agreeing Brough has questions to answer Moreover, the answer ducking ploy ‘Ashby has appealed‘ is, as of noon 14 Dec 2012, patently false.

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