Unusually, it snowed in parts of Canberra yesterday!

Not so unusually, to many Australians, the term ‘Canberra’ means all the (especially nasty) things that the Federal Government chooses to do. Yesterday the nasties included the decision to defer any resolution of the ‘Marriage Equality‘ issue.

This non-decision will be applauded by some but decried by others, but was decided by the LNP, the parliamentary grouping currently in the majority. That’s how our Democracy ‘works’, although dissent is beginning to appear from within LNP party ranks, most notably from Leadership contender Malcolm Turnbull.

What should NOT happen is for the decision to be laid at the feet of the ~386,000 (non-politician)  residents of ‘Canberra’.

The Federal Government is comprised of 226 souls, necessarily representing every part of Australia. The Australian Capital Territory elects just 4 of these individuals, 2 each in the Senate & The House of Representatives.

It is way past time that the lazy Australian Media stopped equating Federal Governments (of both stripes) with Canberra!

FEDS is  nice short, space saving term that should be used when the Federal Government is being referred to, and Canberra should be restricted to all other aspects of the city, its environs and its people.