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Wit Oscar Wilde quipped – “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

In less than one Parliamentary Term (< 3 years) the Liberal ‘Family’ has lost SIX viz.

This instability has meant that LNP not only have been  unable to achieve much, they have been barely able to even PROPOSE much  policy.

The only agility this Parliamentary mess have demonstrated is the uncanny knack of being able to leap-frog the carcasses of their fallen brethren.



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* Most expert opinion is that the scheme is doomed, even IF sufficient arable land were available and NOT already being used for food production. As seen over recent months (Hottest Summer on Record), trees are prone to burn, releasing ALL the carbon temporarily stored ie an Expensive, NOT Viable, long term plan (more a thought-bubble).

Ham & Turkey – Hockey & Abbott

Happy Holidays One and All.


Time to relax, rejuvenate, reflect. As the song says

He’s making a list, And checking it twice; Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice …

For various reasons, this year has been most ……….. disturbing!

First thoughts were to detail the long list of Government Bills passed (449) so far this year. That exercise seemed a tad excessive. Next I considered a reduced list of the most significant achievements eg Carbon Price, MRRT, NBN, NDIS, GONSKI….

This list too was beginning to grow to tedious proportions. Considering how to distil it even further, it suddenly struck me that most people are unaware and/or disinterested in this level of detail.

Asking the average voter to declare their perceptions of the past Parliamentary year would probably not give a tidy list of achievements, but rather a feeling of unease, of disturbance.

It’s the hangover from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The Liberals continue to insist the GFC never happened (a bit like Y2K), or if it did it was a fizzer (a damp squib).

They could have done very much better because they’re born and raised on the economics of the privileged.

It seems that they believe that having been born with oodles, somehow that grants a skill (and therefore a right) to being good with handling it; reasoning that defies logic. Ross Gittins (@1RossGittins) – Workers asked to pay for economy’s success.

Looking round the financial state of the rest of the developed world it is almost impossible to find a country doing better than Australia. But according to the ceaseless doom and gloom from the Opposition, our country’s going to ‘hell in a hand-basket’. Cacotopia.

This mind-numbing marinade is totally refuted by reference to our almost unique AAA credit rating and by many other economic indicators, the Beautiful Set of Numbers (see the BISONS).

As usual, Abbott, Hockey et al never let these facts get in the way of ‘A Good Story‘!

A Good Story, now there’s an interesting concept.

When was the last time you read a good story (apart from the Resources Boom in WA & QLD)? Even this has its down side if you choose to believe one of the coalition’s many pseudo money men, who bemoan the incredibly high Australian Dollar – $AUD.

The fact that the $AUD is currently $1.05-ish is wonderful if you’re

  • off to Bali (for Schoolies or your Annual vacation),
  • defying Gerry Harvey (and buying goodies from the Internet)
  • or buying an imported car

but the high dollar is killing our exports. Hence there is much talk of the two-speed economy, like it’s a second-hand Malvern Star treadly.

This two-speed jargon generates an ‘Us versus Them’ atmosphere. Like Clients not Patients in a hospital or Products not Services in a bank. Divide and Conquer.

A similar feeing to the ‘You’re either with us, or you’re against us‘ of G W Bush after 9/11 or John Howard’s Individual Bargaining. Gone is any sense of Community. It’s every individual for themselves.

This division of opportunities is what most leads to the disturbing feeling.

I’ll leave it to you to decide the most disturbing influence/person this year.

Therefore, my list is for Santa only!

Oh, and lots more Holiday Ham and Turkey, the meats, not the politicians (no names, no pack drill).

Happy Holidays!!

NB. Despicable Hockey.

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